" Before we met Deb, our family was coming apart at the seams. Our youngest, Eamon, at 5 months old, was chronically overtired. He resisted naps, slept in short bursts during the day, and resisted bedtime with hours of screaming, no matter what we did to try to soothe him. Our eldest, at 2 years, was distressed by all the baby's crying, my husband and I were stressed and exhausted, and our hearts were breaking for our little boy.

We were experienced parents and thought we knew what we needed to do for our baby, but nothing was working. As a mother, I felt like a complete failure. But then we met Deb from Sweet Dreams, and it was like a light came on in the darkness. She was with us every step of the way as we worked to get our son's sleeping back on track. She suggested things we would never have thought of on our own - changes to his schedule and routine to have him sleeping at the right times of day and in the perfect environment. We saw changes immediately - the hours of bedtime crying stopped. His naps gradually became longer. Later, he stopped waking overnight. He was happier, brighter. We had our happy baby boy back and it was all thanks to Deb.
I cannot recommend Sweet Dreams highly enough for any family struggling with their child's sleep. Deb is truly wonderful at her job; she is kind, caring, wise and endlessly supportive. Reaching out to her is definitely one of the best things we have ever done."

Carla, Mum to Eamon, 5 months old

" I live in Singapore and was co-sleeping with my girl-boy twins for 11 months. I was having a hard time getting them to sleep through the night and in their own nursery when I decided to engage Emma to help me out. We spoke over Skype and got started on their sleep training, and despite the 5-hour time difference Emma was always ready and there to guide me through Skype calls and emails. Within a couple of days my twins were sleeping through the night and in their own room. It's been less than 3 weeks and the twins no longer cry for long (or at all) and I'm happy to be getting my much needed uninterrupted sleep! Thank you Emma for your help! "

Eelyn, Mum to twins Noah & Freya, 11 months old

" As a parent, you discover the true meaning of sleep deprivation. You may learn to adjust but it also can get to that point where enough is enough and you need guidance.  This is where Deb stepped in and gave us the knowledge and support to put a few key sleep training techniques into our bedtime and nap routines and it worked!  We figured our 11-month-old was just a terrible sleeper and woke up during the night because he was hungry. However, night one of the training he had no midnight feed and within a few days was sleeping through the night.  Day time naps have been lengthened substantially as he learnt to self sooth. We no longer have to sooth him to sleep, we just put him in his cot and he is asleep within minutes.

Sleep training is not something we as parents naturally know how to implement! That is why we need professionals to help us. Sometimes we need someone else telling us that we're doing the right things to give enough strength to hang in there to see the results.  Deb offers support and guidance through every sleep, she is calm and inspiring and her knowledge is life changing!  Deb has transformed our son from a terrible sleeper, to a fully trained amazing sleeper. He is very happy and we can see how well rested he is.  We will be forever grateful and would recommend her to anyone needing help! "

Harriett, Mum to Albert, 11 months old

“ Thank you, thank you thank you! Your advice on how to get our 2 year old to stop getting up 4 -5 times a night has worked!! It only took 3 nights of changing our routine to the one you suggested and we have now had 4 solid nights of no getting out of bed, no waking up and no getting into mummy and daddy's bed!. Your advice and knowledge is amazing and because of you our entire family doesn't get woken through the night anymore! I cannot recommend you enough to others with "naughty" sleepers. You definitely know your stuff! ”

Kerri, Mum to Brody, 2 years old

" I can't believe how far Nell has come in a week! This time last week, I was dreading bedtimes, dealing with putting down an overtired, catnapping baby who needed to be shush-patted into deep sleep. Now, I can put her in the cot completely confident that (a) her naps will be of a decent length and (b) she will drift happily off to sleep herself. It has made SUCH a difference: Nell is happier, William is happier getting his uninterrupted story time with a relaxed mama and bedtimes are no longer feared! Your advice was spot on and worked from day one. I only wish I had got in touch with you sooner.... Thank you so much!! "

Hannah, Mum to Nell, 5 months old

" We were struggling with our 9 month old girls sleep a lot, since she was a few weeks old she always fought sleep so I ended up carrying her for naps in the backpack. She would also feed through the night every 1-2 hrs, which just didn't work for us. Having a high needs older child we definitely were getting to a bad place! So we contacted another sleep consultant and had very little success after a whole month of implementing the plan. It was exhausting and I was feeling at the end of it. When I got in touch with Emma she was amazingly supportive and forthcoming. We were struggling to come up with more money, having already spent a good sum on the previous consultant. Emma gave us a great payment option, which was such a godsend. Her support throughout the 2 week period was incredible and her plans are detailed and customised to our parenting style. Rowena now self-settles and is sleeping right through the night! Emma is a fantastic consultant and I would recommend her anytime. In fact I already have to several people. 😊 Thank you Emma! ”

Franziska, Mum to Rowena, 9 months old

" I contacted Emma when our son was 4 months old after an awful month of next to no sleep; he had become a nightmare to settle. We became desperate and would do anything to get him to sleep including using the car, pram and feeding to sleep. At first I was dubious at how the process would work without Emma actually meeting us or Clayton. I needn't have worried. Emma is extremely thorough, and ensured she had a complete understanding of our situation before providing us with a detailed sleep plan that was specifically tailored to Clayton as well as our requirements as a family, using methods we were comfortable implementing. Emma was a constant support for the following two weeks which was the true value for us. She was always available, professional, with an encouraging approach to keep us on track. The best part of all – we started seeing the results we were after, fast! Clayton can now self-settle in his cot for all sleeps, he takes nice long naps during the day, and is now only feeding once overnight! We are a happier, healthier family thanks to Emma’s help and would recommend her to anyone! "

Christie, Mum to Clayton, 4 months old

" We are so grateful to you Emma for helping with the multiple night wakings with our twins, who we had to sleep in separate rooms. Having had our portacot permanently set up for 3 months we were relieved to finally pack it away, as they are sleeping so much better & back in the same room together. Your advice was spot on and our girls are so much happier getting a full nights sleep and eating better too - as am I not having to get up during the night! You are a lifesaver! "

Geri, Mum to twins Alexandra & Amelia, 22 months old

" I started working with Emma at Sweet Dreams as we had a couple of bad habits starting to form at the 4 month mark:
1. A desire to be fed to sleep
2. Short day sleeps of only 40 min max
My concern was that these habits would start to impact his great sleeping at night and his ability to self-settle as he became more “awake” to the world. I also have to return to work when he is 6 months old and didn’t want to make that more traumatic for him and myself by being the only one who could put him to sleep.
Immediately Emma was able to identify areas that I could work on which I would not have realised were related and having an impact. After two weeks of implementing Emma’s Personalised Sleep Plan the feeding to sleep habit has been broken, day sleeps are lengthening and are now between 60 and 90 minutes long and he has started sleeping through the night!
I feel like I have been on a resort holiday and feel like I now have the tools to ensure sleep is not a thing to fear but embrace. "

Claire, Mum to Spencer, 4 months old

" I would highly recommend Emma and her services to any parent or caregiver. Emma has helped both my daughter and I (as well as my husband) get more sleep and we are a much happier family all round! I was at the end of my tether when I reached out to Emma, I just couldn’t put my daughter down for sleep. I had to hold her continuously as she wouldn’t settle outside of my arms. We were only getting short day sleeps, as well as broken sleep numerous times overnight. Emma quickly provided me with practical, step-by-step guidance and a sleep programme that has resulted in us having a structured daily routine with long day sleeps, and consistent nights of sleep! It’s amazing how quickly we saw changes in our daughter’s sleep, I can’t thank Emma enough.  She is so approachable, understanding, very supportive and caring; Emma has solutions for a number of settling and sleep issues that get results fast! Her advice has literally changed our lives, thank you Emma! "

Christine, Mum to Felicity, 4 months old

" When Cole was 14 months old he went from sleeping through the night to waking in the night. At first I thought he would sort it out himself, that was my first mistake. 6 months later he was waking anywhere from twice a night to 6 times a night, awful. I had read sleep books and felt like I had tried everything but nothing seemed to help. I was at breaking point when I decided to contact Emma, BEST decision ever!!! After talking to Emma we made a plan for Cole and with Emma’s support and compassion we were able to deal with Cole’s sleep problems. We saw an almost immediate change in Cole’s sleeping patterns. Cole is now 21 months old and sleeps through the night and even naps for 2 hours during the day, it’s a miracle. Thank you, thank you for all your support through this tough and challenging time. I would DEFINITELY recommend Emma as a sleep consultant, she certainly knows her stuff. We could not be happier :) "

Alana, Mum to Cole, 21 months old


After two weeks of implementing Emma’s Personalised Sleep Plan the feeding to sleep habit has been broken, day sleeps are lengthening and are now between 60 and 90 minutes long and he has started sleeping through the night!  

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