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Dropping The Final Daytime Nap

What age did your child stop napping? Here we take a look at the common age to drop your child’s final nap and how to tackle this tough transition!

This transition of dropping from 1-0 naps is a hard one for both toddler and parents (or caregivers)! For the parents, it’s hard to imagine a day without any down time while your child naps after lunch …. Ahhh your kid is up all day!! And for the child, going all day without a nap is such a big stretch and change for them – making them extra demanding, tired, grizzly, and let’s be honest - simply hard work for us mums! Because this transition can be a hairy one, our advice is don’t be in a hurry to drop the nap completely at the first sign your child shows they might be ready for it.

What age is this last nap usually dropped?

There is a such a wide range when it comes to dropping this last daytime nap, and will be dependent on the child, however generally speaking, it will happen anywhere between 2 ½ and 4 years of age (with the average age being between 3 – 3 ½).

Toddler napping

What are the signs my child might be close to dropping this last nap?

There are two main scenarios which will occur if your child is getting close to dropping their nap.
The first scenario is when the nap is starting to impact bedtime, and your child will take a long time to fall asleep for the night (our definition of ‘long’, is anything more than about 30-40 minutes). You might think your child is ready to drop their day nap if they are taking a long time to fall asleep at night, instead when this starts to happen, it’s about finding that sweet spot of shortening the nap or having it finished by a set time, so that the onset of sleep at night is not too long.
If your child is falling asleep relatively quickly for their nap, the other tweak you can make is to move the nap slightly earlier, so that their awake time from the end of their nap to their bedtime is slightly longer. For example, if your child currently naps from say 1.30-3pm, bring the start time earlier, and cap the nap, to have them napping approximately 12.30-2pm (you may need to play around a bit with timings to get the right balance for your child).
The second scenario which can occur when your child might be done with napping every day, is when they start playing through nap time and not sleeping at all. This can often be the easier of the two scenarios to deal with, as your child is giving you a much clearer sign that they don’t need their nap every day.
Shall I still offer the nap some days?

Absolutely!! When either of the above scenarios start to occur, remember it doesn’t mean your child is ready to drop their nap completely. Given it is such a big transition, it’s likely they’ll require a nap every second or third day - and even if they don’t nap, we recommend ‘quiet time’ be offered each day for a minimum of 45 minutes in their room. This way you are providing your child the opportunity to sleep, but if they don’t, then at least they have had some ‘down time’ to relax and recharge their little bodies and minds.
Also remember, that on days they don’t nap, it’s key to bring bedtime earlier to compensate for the dropped nap, and to ensure they don’t get too overtired.
Lastly, be patient. A nap transition doesn’t happen overnight. Be prepared for a few weeks experiencing some frustration, crankiness, overtiredness, and perhaps the odd night waking or early morning waking. But stay the course and keep consistent with your approach, and it will all come together in time.

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