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Develop healthy 
sleep habits that will
last a lifetime

Sweet Dreams provides baby &
child sleep consulting services to
help your family get the sleep
you all deserve
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Baby not sleeping?

Are you exhausted from your baby
not sleeping well? At Sweet Dreams
we provide you with the advice and
tools to help your baby sleep
through the night and establish
healthy sleep habits and routines. 

Whether you have a newborn, infant,
toddler or child, our certified Baby &
Child Sleep Consultant can help.

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Sleep services

No two babies are the same. We
understand this and have made our
packages flexible to suit your family

Whether you need a quick bit of
advice or a personalised sleep plan
with attentive follow-up support, we
have a package to suit you.

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What we help with

  • Night wakings and
    night feedings
  • Early morning
    wake ups
  • Sleep associations
  • Short naps
  • Nap transitions
  • Bedtime battles
  • Transition from
    Cot to Bed
  • Routines
  • Newborn sleep

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Sleep tips & articles

Click here to see our expert advice, tips and articles to help with your sleeping problems.

Sleep Advice, Tips & Articles

More than just advice

With our attentive follow-up support, you won’t be left to question if you are doing the right thing. 

We believe the right follow-up support is critical to success, that’s why we will be there every step of the way to help you and your baby sleep through the night. Read more about our sleep philosophy.


After two weeks of implementing Emma’s Personalised Sleep Plan the feeding to sleep habit has been broken, day sleeps are lengthening and are now between 60 and 90 minutes long and he has started sleeping through the night!  

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